Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's all RANDOM

Oh my goodness, where do I start? What a jumble of thoughts and ideas that are running through my mind. I want to blog about SO many things! Let’s see how much stuff I can say in this one post! Here goes…

First off, can I just state the obvious? I love my husband. I’ll be transparent and admit that there were times early on in our marriage that I worried that I didn’t feel that true love forever feelings like I should, to be married to someone for the rest of my life, or that my husband even loved me enough either. Of course, this idea was measured in my mind by what I ‘perceived’ to be ‘true love’, based on all those romance novels that we gals seem to eat up on a daily basis. Those and epic films like Casablanca, Sixteen Candles and The Notebook! LOL (okay, Sixteen Candles is a stretch, but I always loved Jake Ryan and wanted to be his bride! LOL)

Boy was I ever wrong.

My love for my husband is a river that runs through every vein, every nerve, every thought, and every heartbeat that is in me. And not just in the romantic, swooning kind of way, although, I do still get butterflies when he is near. But in a steady, sweet, quiet, trusting way that has changed my life. Even in the midst of an argument or a blah phase of our life, I find that love can run very, very deep. Love doesn’t always have a ten-piece orchestra playing in the background. Usually the sounds of bill collectors, car trouble, clogged drains and piling up dishes and laundry are a steady beat throughout our days. But what I hear mostly in the foreground is laughter. Lots of laughter… the very best kind. The kind only true love can generate. What a beautiful life I lead! Completely imperfect and flawed and completely beautiful! Oh, and here’s a fun fact! We’ve been married for seven months now, and this Sunday will be our very first Valentine’s Day that we spend together as a couple! LOL. Life sure is colorful and full of surprises and variety isn’t it?? Gotta love it!

Okay, so for my sister’s sake, I’ll move on to my next subject! LOL (Deb can only take so much of her sister’s sappiness and believe me, she’s endured a lot of it!)

Living in “The South” has proven to be a test, a trial, a blessing, a gift and an adventure all rolled into one. We live in a town 45ish miles west of Jackson, MS called Vicksburg (also in Mississippi). For you history buffs, the famous Battle at Vicksburg was fought here during the civil war and the confederates surrendered on July 4th! Of all days! It took many years before this town recognized and celebrated Independence Day! I live within walking distance of the military park that is the actual battlefield. It is breathtaking! When I can, I’ll have to post some pictures on here. We have found that it is the perfect place to drive through after a long hard day at work. It’s peaceful, serene and scenic. When you finally exit, you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. We love it. And we love this town. It’s really cute and quaint, but with most of the conveniences that we need to make living easier and enjoyable. I just wish Sam’s Club wasn’t 38 miles away!! I love to shop there and have to make monthly trips.

Another cool thing is we live on the actual banks (or bluffs actually) of the Mighty Mississippi River! Yes it is a little bit brown at times… not the most pristine color of water, I admit, but still so beautiful! The interstate crosses it on a magnificent bridge, where when you get halfway across, lo and behold, you are now in Louisiana!! Yep, I live about 4 miles away from Louisiana. It’s so weird for me to think that I can cross state lines every day just like that. Needless to say, I’m enjoying discovering a new world and culture and a new life, even at the ripe old age of 34… LOL! (yes, yes, I know I’m a spring chicken!)

With all this newness, I’ve had a bout of losing myself. I forgot who I was and how much of me that I was letting fall to the wayside as I’ve tried to fit in and figure out where I belong in this sea of the unknown. And I did the worse thing possible. I allowed ME to disappear. My personality, my independence, my spunk and drive… withered away. Not completely, but enough that I was becoming unrecognizable. What a pitiful state to find yourself in. Well, no longer. I have come to the realization that I’m only at my best when I’m completely ME. Figuring that out was like a window opening and a cool spring breeze blowing in. Liberating. I’m getting my confidence back. My mojo. My strut in my stuff and swing in my step back. Thank God! I sure missed her!!

I can go on and on with this post. I can talk about how much I miss my family, how I long to go on a shopping spree at Macy’s, or how much I crave Del Taco! LOL! I can go on and on for paragraphs about my step-son Scott and how much I enjoy being his 2nd mom and how much I love that rascal! I can talk about my beautiful mother and how only now do I truly understand and appreciate the amazing woman that she is. I can talk about the infamous DEB and how she dazzles me daily with her talent and beauty and drive. I can talk about how sad I am to have missed the birth of my new niece and how much I miss one of my very best friends, Eileen. I could, but for now I’ll leave with one more thought.

How Great is Our God?! Words cannot even begin to describe His Greatness. As high as the heavens and as deep as earth, sky and space, He expands and exceeds our human capabilities of measurement. Not just His being, but His attributes and His ways and thoughts and acts. Incredible. Most importantly, His love is perfect, complete and flawless in every way. And all for me. I have no words. I have no way to live up to it or return even a fraction of it. All I can do is accept it. Allow Him to love me and to try to love Him with all that He put in me. Wow, allowing God to love me?? Yes, He is a gentleman and won’t force His way into my life. Who can possible refuse this type of love? I certainly can’t. And I won’t. Love me Lord… forever, love me!

Amazing Grace…. How Sweet The Sound.

Food from…
The Queen’s Table of Thought

(Photo: Aftab Uzzaman)

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 16th... for the 59th time!

So this post is a tad late... can't say I have a grand excuse, just got busy doing stuff.

Oct 16th, 1950... what a day that was! Of course, I wasn't there to celebrate the spectacular event that took place, but I've had great benefits from it.

Like being born. LOL!

Yes, that was the day that my father, Peter Robert, was born. He was born to Peter Raymond and Elizabeth Ann, my grandparents. Being the first child and the product of a great love story is something to celebrate indeed. Whirlwind romance, short engagement, apparently they couldn't live without each other, resulting in marriage and then came my dad, the first of four!

This year, we celebrate birthday number 59. I have to say, it's hard for me to imagine that my parents are no longer in their 30's. I know that sounds funny considering I am in my 30's, but of course when I'm around my parents, I still feel like a kid. And to think my parents were younger than I am right now when I made my grand entrance into the world. My dad was 25 when I was born, and I was so close to having the same birthday as him, but was 5 days too late. I've always loved the fact that we share the same birth month. Somehow, being a daddy's girl, it always made me feel special and unique.

It's true. I grew up a daddy's girl. We did so many things together, or I'd always be tagging along whether he wanted me to or not! I remember loving to watch him shave and he'd put a dab of shaving cream on my nose. (I used to wonder how come I couldn't shave my face too!) Whenever he would leave to pick up people for church, I'd be riding right beside him. Sometimes we'd be in a car, and sometimes we'd be in a van because we'd be picking people up that were in wheelchairs. I'd try to help him set up the ramps, but usually ended up just being in the way. Still, he'd let me come along every time. I'd ride with him to pick up Sunday School kids or go on bus ministry. I'd sit in a hard plastic chair to watch him get his hair cut at the barbershop by Country Cousin's Market in Costa Mesa, CA. He would let me work the fireworks booth with him every July and as I grew into an adult, eventually we started a new tradition. The two of us would be the ones to go every year and buy the fireworks for the family.

As I am typing this blog, so many memories are coming to the surface. Looking back, I'm realizing the many things that my dad and I used to do together.

I'll save you all from reading a very long list, but I have to keep my blog tradition!

So here is just a partial list of things that were all about my daddy and me!

1. Watching Lakers games together
2. Slowly I turn... step by step...
3. Singing Duets
4. Going to teach Bible Studies (he'd teach, I'd babysit the kids)
5. House hunting
6. Talking about movies
7. UFC Nights!
8. Buying Fireworks
9. Shopping for Perfume for Mom for Christmas (Giorgio Beverly Hills anyone??)
10. Browsing FedCo
11. Combing out Deborah's hair! (LOL)
12. Taking care of the kids while Mom was away (Ladies Retreat!)
13. Picking up people for church
14. Debating (no one ever won!)
15. Going to Twinkle Park (with Mom too!)
16. Riding bikes at the Back Bay
17. Working in the fireworks stand
18. Eating lunch at the Hilton Hotel at General Conference in Anaheim, CA 1984
19. Going to the barbershop (at least until Peter came along!)
20. Watching him shave in the morning
21. Reading bedtime stories when Mom was too tired or busy (he's skip pages!)
22. Sitting in his lap at church
24. Going on Space Mountain (or NOT going on it after 1 hour wait!)
25. Driving in the truck on long trips listening to Chicago and talking about everything!

Happy Birthday Dad!! I can't believe this is the first birthday (since I've been around) that I haven't been there to celebrate with you!! I know that may sound sad, but when you think about it, it doesn't really matter where I am or where you are, we can celebrate together in our hearts! That's the power of love and I love you very much Dad! I wish you so much joy and blessings this coming year. The best is yet to come, I just know it!!

Love always,
your #1 girl,
Catherine Elizabeth

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pedroline... The 28th year

Pedroline (pronounced pA-drO-leen) is a name that just rolls off the tongue. Half masculine, half feminine, it completely describes the fashionista that is my brother! Okay, so he loves fashion, but let me set the record straight, Peter is not feminine in any way, shape or form!! (oh my, I better stop while I'm ahead, the jokes just keep coming... I'll leave the 'shape' part of that statement alone! HA HA HA)

I have no idea who or why we came up with that nickname for Peter, but nevertheless, he is stuck with it. Of course it is just one of many nicknames for our complex brother.

28 years ago today, Peter made his grand entrance into the world. 45 minute labor and boom there he was... perfectly pink and healthy. He really is a miracle baby (in fact all my siblings are miracles) and it wasn't until later in life that we've realized that the perfectly pink was hiding the truth... Peter is a bit off, a bit slow, a bit flawed, a bit, shall we say... SPECIAL. But we love him just the same, just as if he were normal like us!! Of course none of that is entirely true, but we've always had a too much fun giving him a hard time. LOL.

Today I salute my brother Peter on his birthday. It's hard to believe that he is 28. That's a serious age. 30 is looming ahead and responsibilities and taking life seriously are the daily pressures that come as you start to leave your 20's behind. So Peter, as you celebrate the day of your birth, ask yourself this... What Would SpongeBob Do?????

In usual blogger style... here is a list of Pedo Stuff. (does anyone else notice how these lists get longer and longer each year?? funny that.) ;-)

28 moments of Peter's 28 years:

1. Goose Egg Forehead with 2 black eyes
2. Pneumonia on Christmas Day
3. Beside bell ringing
4. Jerry Macguire and a girl
5. Beating up 5 guys on the corner
6. BMX Madness
7. Standing in the corner
8. Cammo in the backyard
9. Shooting the wife in Big Bear
10. Laugh attacks in the middle of the story
11. Singing the testimony
12. Sam Ash Limelight Nights
13. Label swapping
14. Dribble Shirts
15. Goodwill Hunting (or Thrifting)
16. Carebear hugs
17. The mouse and the giant strawberry
18. Headlock sleep wrestling
19. Boonsters!
20. Spongebob bedtimes
21. D2E
22. Drive by healings
23. Cruising to Mr. & Mrs.
24. Backscratch Begging
25. Poker face
26. Madlib crying
27. Bee running (ending in TIMBER!!!)
28. What about JIM??

In case none of you know this.. #28 is actually a serious one. Peter spent his time and money looking out for a homeless man named Jim. He bought him meals and even went and would buy him new pairs of pants. This is the epitome of my brother. His compassion showed up early in life and he's maintained that sensitivity to others needs up to this point. Peter, you make me proud to be your sister!

I hope this year is abundant in blessings and that you receive your deepest heart's desires!! Happy 28th Birthday!!

The Big Queen Sister! :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day to every dad who makes a difference every day!!

Dad, I wish you a wonderful day and want to say thank you for all you've done for me. Even though the miles may separate us, I will always be your daughter and you will always be my daddy. I hope the rest of the 'kids' treat you well and you get a dip in the pool and some yummy bbq food to celebrate!! I love you!!

Gramps, my first father's day without you. I thought about you often today and remembered a lot of the words of wisdom you passed down to me. I miss your smiling Irish eyes. There is so much I would share with you if I could, but alas, the time of sharing is done. Thank you for the many father's days I got to spend with you! I love you.

Paul, you are the newest man in my life and I know you've been bombarded today by the many avenues I've taken to say happy father's day. So I will simply say that seeing you as a father just shows me more and more of who you are. A man of integrity and character and wisdom. I love you more and more and look forward to a lifetime of celebrations with you!

Pastor Morgan, you have been my 'spiritual' father for 12 years. I want to just say thanks for being there for me and helping me through the good and bad times. You are a rock and I am forever grateful!! I love you!

Happy Father's Day Blogger World... CELEBRATE!!!
The Queen

Friday, June 12, 2009

Toto, I'm not in Cali anymore!!

Boy, have I landed in a different world! It's not bad, not in the least. I find it interesting and exciting. (If you can call quiet, peaceful & small exciting!! LOL)

I had crawfish for the first time!! I'll admit, when I saw them scooping the crawfish out of the boiling water into our bag, I thought to myself, can I really eat that? Can I?? But once we got all 5 pounds home, (for just the two of us!!!), I forgot my original thought and dug in. That is, once Paul showed me how to pinch the tail off and get the meat out and then suck the head. Once I got the hang of it, I was chowing down! Mmmm Mmmm Good. With sweet corn on the cob and red potatoes soaking up the juices and spices, it was a feast fit for a Queen! ;-)

I'm experiencing so many different things. Like having to walk into the post office to mail anything! Unless you can catch the mailman in the morning as he goes by. There are no drive up post office boxes or boxes at the corner to drop your mail. It's a bit of hassle, until you realize you really have no other pressing engagement, so why the impatience?!

Another thing is the leisurely way of doing things. Everyone is very meticulous and slow. However, things actually get done. How does that happen?? I don't get it. But I like it! LOL The only thing that tries my patience every day is the stop signs. You have to make a complete stop. And if other cars stop at the other corners, everyone sits there and figures out who goes next and they are super courteous and try to let you go first. O.M.W. I don't have the leisure of zipping through stop signs and beating everyone to the punch anymore. It definitely "worketh patience"!!

Also, the women around here are mostly very feminine. I see skirts and dresses and jewelry and "done" hair and "pumps" everywhere. These women take their femininity very seriously! Now mind you, it's not the high fashion capital of the south by any stretch of the imagination, but still, I think in California the ratio of women in pants or suits or men's jeans versus skirts is about 95 to 5. Here dresses are about 90 to 10. It's just strange for me to see that. It is definitely noticeable.

Also, bugs love me in the south. I had a couple of VERY miserable and itchy days, when I had sat outside too long and got 7 bites! I'm guessing mesquitos, but whatever they were, they swelled and itched like nobody's business!! I hope they don't leave marks!!! I also found a lizard skeleton in my closet! (And Paul had cleaned out the closet fairly recently!) It had a skull and a spine and legs and toes. The skull was the weirdest thing to see. I scooped it up on a piece of paper and tried to take pictures of it without getting too close. It was grossing me out big time!

Also, did I mention the real estate? You can find a major fixer upper for $17,500.00!! That's less than what I paid for my car! And I got a simple Toyota Corrolla. For a move in ready house, you can easily find something around $70,000.00. Again, less than some cars I am acquainted with. The rent here for a 2-3 bedroom with 2 baths is in the $550.00 range. It just amazings me the difference of cost here. Although, a gallon of milk is about $3.50 here and in my hometown in California the current price is $1.99. I'm not sure why that is. Hmmmm. Something to ponder.

And the thing that gets me the most. When people go shopping, they don't grab a shopping cart, they get a "buggy". A what?? Yep, a BUGGY. I know. I refuse to say it. I will always say shopping cart no matter who points and laughs at me!! ;-)

There's so much to tell, I could ramble on forever. I can't even keep track of all the new things I am seeing and experiencing. I'm sure as new things come to me, you will hear alllllllllll about it! It's too fun NOT to share!


Queen Cat

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesterday was my sister's birthday.
What a whirlwind day it was.
I didn't have a chance to post until now. So sorry!

Deborah, my baby sister, I hope your birthday was meaningful and full of love and laughter. I know it probably wasn't the grandest birthday you've ever had. It wasn't the least stressful or most exciting time I'm sure. But, to celebrate another year of growth and family and friends and changes and all the in-between is a blessing nonetheless.

I am sad to think I did not get to share it with you. I would have never known that #25 would be the last birthday we'd spend living, working & playing together. Change is hard, but remember it's all things work together for good...

So here is my ode to Deb... 26 things that she does that makes me miss her most!!

2. Peeking from the supply closet door while I'm "trying" to work
3. Talking to the cars while merging into the carpool lane on the I-5 after work
4. Eating Paul's Place even though she knows it makes her sick
5. Singing soprano
6. "Cooking" nachos in the microwave
7. Always examining if she has swollen ankles
8. Using a whole bottle of bleach to clean a bathroom
9. Laying on the couch reading a Julie Lessman book
10. Making pesto pizza and stuffed mushrooms
11. Reading her Bible before going to bed
12. Singing and praying in the shower
13. Making 'another' doctor's appointment
14. Saying she doesn't feel good
15. Snort laughing
16. Picking on Sonia
17. Sideseat driving
18. Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu
19. Craving gelato from Luccia's
20. Borrowing church clothes from my closet
21. Playing with Zee Zee
22. Yelling at the dog (used to be Tiffany!)
23. Fighting with Peter in her sleep
24. Fixing mom's hair
25. Laying across my lap watching TV in the bonus room
26. Sitting next to me at church

Happy Belated Birthday Deb! Your gift is in the mail!! Hope you like it!!!

Love you lots!

Queen Cat

Friday, June 05, 2009

A Friday TAG!!

I'm trying really hard to keep up with my blog!! Sooo glad it's Friday. Not sure why I'm glad, maybe it's just programmed in us to be extra happy on Friday... but for whatever the reason, I am ecstatic to see Friday arrive. Looking forward to another fabulous weekend here in Small Town USA!! :-)

So... on to the business at hand:

I was tagged by Deb at The Daily Bee!

Rules of the Tag

::List Six Unimportant Things that Make you Happy::
Mention and link to the person who tagged you::
Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along, and comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Here goes: Six unimportant things that make me happy!

1. Holding hands across recliner armrests!
2. New Shoes!!!!
3. Actually being Queen of my very own castle!! ;-)
4. Hats!! (I love hats, and when I need a pick-me-up, I just slap a hat on and away I go!)
5. Pedicures... they are pure bliss!
6. Good morning texts (It really doesn't matter if we are in the same room, they still make me smile!!)

There you have it!!! Six unimportant things that make me happy... although if they make me happy, they are definitely important to me, even on the smallest scale!!

Now to the tagging...

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Eileen @ Say What?!?!
Yvonne @ Aune's Adventures
Rita @ Macias Moments

TGIF everyone!!!! We are survivors!!! :-)

Hope everyone's weekend plans include some rest and relaxation, laughs and giggles, good company and everything unimportant that makes you happy!!

Queen B.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Completely Confused!

This is my first post from the good old state of Mississippi!!! The state I now call home! Who woulda thunk it!! But, yes, it is true. I now live in the deep south. It's humid and warm and green and plush and chalk full of history. It's long drives of rolling plains and tiny towns in between. It's water towers galore and picturesque courthouses. The after work traffic lasts about 15 minutes and after 7 p.m. the streets are quiet. Scattered thunderstorms are about every 1/4 mile and happen mostly in the summer. It truly is a different place. Yet, somehow I feel at home. I think the added element that my heart is here has something to do with it. Home is truly where your heart is!

Surprisingly, the one hiccup in this state of complete bliss is an inner struggle that has crept up on me. I've never quite been in this situation before and had no idea what to expect, this moving across country. In the deepest part of my heart of hearts, I am completely content and happy and joyful and know I'm exactly where I need to be. But my surface is an emotional wreck. Tears threaten at every turn, without notice and usually without legitimate cause. I hate it. And totally not used to it at all. I'll be the first to tell you how annoying I am. I annoy myself with these emotional outbursts. When will it stop?? Please say soon.

Everything seems topsy turvy here. I am wondering where that strong independent woman who could handle anything set before her has gone. At times I feel like a 5 year old about to throw a pity party or temper tantrum. And I used to be efficient. Now I'm all thumbs and left feet. I even open packages from the wrong end and forget things. Paul has taken to leaving me notes for reminders. I'm starting to wonder how I managed to make it through a day without him. I'm hoping one of these days I'll actually be able to finally at least feed myself and change my own diaper!! LOL. Seriously, that's how I feel!!

See, Completely Confused. why me?? Huh? Huh? huh?...

Maybe I'm trying too hard. I need to relax and just live life, I know. Now that's just preaching to the choir! I guess I'll try harder to not try too hard. HA. Catch 22!!

If you know me at all or have read my blog at all, you know I overthink EVERYTHING. And here I am doing it again. Deep breath. Whew.

Emotions mixed with Imagination is a lethal combination.

Selfish, Petty, Ungrateful. Yep, I'd use those words to describe my silliness too. But give me a chance. Isn't acknowledgment the first step to recovery?? LOL. Fingers Crossed!!

For now, my confused self is gonna pamper herself with a relaxing evening!

Hasta La Vista Baby!
The Queen

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Communication Crisis

I've had communication on the brain these past few days. It amazes me how many avenues of connecting with someone that are available to us today.

The spoken word has taken on a whole new meaning in our advanced age of technology. Since the invention of the telephone, where for the first time people did not have to be face to face or in close proximity to hear each other's voice, communication has reached a level that exceeds what was ever thought possible. And every day we find more and more ways to further our connection with each other. We can use a telephone, computer, television, intercom system, voicemail, even electronic birthday cards to carry on a conversation or speak to a person who is not physically in our presence.

The written word has moved beyond the ink and paper. There was a time when a letter or book was viewed and respected as a treasure, handled carefully and proudly shared with anyone who would listen. We can now send 'letters' all over the world with the push of a button. We text, email, instant message and blog with ease.

Humanity has not been such a close knit group since the days following the great flood!

Still, my wonderings have taken me to the thought, If communication is so accessible then why do we still fail so miserably? It seems these days that there is an undeniable lack of communication amongst families, coworkers, friends, governments, communities and really, society in general. Has the English language become too difficult and complicated for us to put together a cohesive sentence? Have we lost the art of speech and conversation? Have we dumbed ourselves down with the 'shortcuts' of communication because we are in too much of a hurry? Has OMG and TTYL turned our brains to mush?

I don't think that is the issue.

We are strong intricate creations with enough brain power and emotion and heart and soul to easily "reach out and touch someone" in any way we so choose. So what is the real problem? Why do we miss the mark so badly and so often? In my humble opinion, the true reason is, we've stopped saying what we mean and meaning what we say. We have the tools to successfully execute and we have the words to speak, what we don't have is the sense of value in what we say. We've lowered ourselves to pretty speech and empty words of promise or compliments that hold no worth. We smile on the outside while we are crying on the inside. We laugh when what we really want to do is cringe. We grin and bear it. We conjure up big words to sound like we've got it all together, when in reality, we have no clue what we are doing.

It may work for a while, however, in time we realize just how far away from honestly knowing someone or being known for our true selves we really are.

I want to be a person that you would always know where you stand. That when I say I love you, you know I mean it. When I say I'm sorry, you would know it's from the heart. Good communication breeds a level of trust that most people only dream about... I plan on keeping that dream my every day reality!!

~ The Queen~

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

News Worthy!!

So I know it's been a while since I've blogged. I've been up to my eyeballs in wedding plans the past few months. I've also been busy blogging on our wedding website. I guess for while it will take the place of this blog, until I finally descend off of Cloud 9... ;-)

I just wanted to share some fun pictures with everyone. My work corkboard is like a breaking news bulletin with all kinds of Paul & I 'stuff'! I still wonder at the hand of God and how much creative power He has. Never in my wildest imagination (and believe me, I've got a very healthy imagination!!) did I ever conjure up a scenario as spectacular as these past few months. All I did was tell God that I would enjoy every step of the desert place and allow Him to prepare me for what He had in store for me. Once I took my hands off of my life, God stepped in and gave me my heart's desire... and then some!!

So now, I am happily engaged to a man beyond my dreams and ready to start a new life. Which means... I am moving away from California. Something I never, ever thought I'd do. And, I'm leaving it for... Mississippi! WHAT?? Now that is just strange. No mountains! No OCEAN! No Palm Trees! No DISNEYLAND!!! No Del Taco and IN-N-OUT! Oy Vey!! (and that's just scratching the surface.) But if I stayed in California.... that means, No Paul. And that's not even an option. So, I will be living (at least for the time being) in Mississippi, where my heart is.

(as you can see, he's been VERY good to me!!)

Here is a glimpse of the beach where we will be getting married... that's the Gulf of Mexico in the background. The sand is a beautiful pure white with enough seashells to keep any scavenger content all day long! We were there that day to check out the house we would be staying at and to take our engagement pictures.
So, tonight (in less than 12 hours) I head back to Mississippi for quick trip to interview for a company that actually paid for my plane ticket! Of course I really really want to make sure and land a job before I come home, but also, the best thing is seeing Paul again for a couple of days... which is the highlight of my trip!!
So stay tuned for more News Worthy stories in a couple of days!!
The Queen 'B'