Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesterday was my sister's birthday.
What a whirlwind day it was.
I didn't have a chance to post until now. So sorry!

Deborah, my baby sister, I hope your birthday was meaningful and full of love and laughter. I know it probably wasn't the grandest birthday you've ever had. It wasn't the least stressful or most exciting time I'm sure. But, to celebrate another year of growth and family and friends and changes and all the in-between is a blessing nonetheless.

I am sad to think I did not get to share it with you. I would have never known that #25 would be the last birthday we'd spend living, working & playing together. Change is hard, but remember it's all things work together for good...

So here is my ode to Deb... 26 things that she does that makes me miss her most!!

2. Peeking from the supply closet door while I'm "trying" to work
3. Talking to the cars while merging into the carpool lane on the I-5 after work
4. Eating Paul's Place even though she knows it makes her sick
5. Singing soprano
6. "Cooking" nachos in the microwave
7. Always examining if she has swollen ankles
8. Using a whole bottle of bleach to clean a bathroom
9. Laying on the couch reading a Julie Lessman book
10. Making pesto pizza and stuffed mushrooms
11. Reading her Bible before going to bed
12. Singing and praying in the shower
13. Making 'another' doctor's appointment
14. Saying she doesn't feel good
15. Snort laughing
16. Picking on Sonia
17. Sideseat driving
18. Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu
19. Craving gelato from Luccia's
20. Borrowing church clothes from my closet
21. Playing with Zee Zee
22. Yelling at the dog (used to be Tiffany!)
23. Fighting with Peter in her sleep
24. Fixing mom's hair
25. Laying across my lap watching TV in the bonus room
26. Sitting next to me at church

Happy Belated Birthday Deb! Your gift is in the mail!! Hope you like it!!!

Love you lots!

Queen Cat


The Daily Bee said...

Aw! So sweet you made me cry. *sniff*

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Of course, it's wasn't remotely the same without you.

Becky said...

You gals are such sweet sisters. This made ME all choked up.

Cracked up at fighting with Peter in her sleep, lol.

Julie Lessman said...

Queen Cat!!! Thank you for tipping me off that it's Deb's birthday AND and for making me #9 on your list ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEB!! Wish I was as young as you, you sweet, young thing! :)