Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Down Holiday Memory Lane

It was December - I was 15 and working at Toys R Us. I was in 10th grade and felt like I had finally arrived at my maturity peak. (hilarious).

I had lost weight, got colored contacts the summer before and has several boys from school interested in me (which up to that point was just an impossible dream.) I was "in love" with one of the seniors, Jeff Hunter. I thought he was just to die for. ha ha ha. Looking back, I see how he humored me and made me feel special with his meaningless flirting.

Ahhh to be 15 again. On second thought, looking back, I wouldn't want to do it all again.

Anyways, I was a cashier at Toys R Us and surrounded by adults and college kids working the busy holiday season. I was all dressed up that day because after work, my parents were picking me up to go to my aunt's christmas party. She always threw the most lavish parties during Christmas and I always looked forward to them because all the older cousins would gather together and sneak wine coolers from the bar. I know. I can't believe we never got caught.

This particular party was one I was looking forward to, because there was a guy, who was about 4 years older than me, that was going to be there who I thought was cute. So fickle at 15. So much for my "maturity" plateau. I was in a nosedive down that mountain!

So, I remember the drive there (it was all the way in Vista, CA) and I remember my gramps drinking until he got that Irish brogue that made him seem like a leprechaun, but I don't remember much of the party after that.

The one memory that stands out the most is when we were leaving. I was saying goodbye to everyone, stalling, because I didn't see this guy anywhere and I wanted to say goodbye. All of a sudden someone hugs me from behind and I glanced up and it was that guy. Swoon. I saw his lips coming toward me and I stuck out my cheek, just anticipating his kiss.

Then his lips came down on mine.

The feeling I felt at that time was literally like I was floating. I don't remember leaving the party, the long drive home, the next week. In fact, I don't even remember Christmas that year.

But that one small insignificant kiss by this insignificant guy made a lasting impression on a self-esteem challenged 15 year old that Christmas.

Now I look back and think about him and think, Oh Gross. ha ha ha.

But the memory will remain a sweet one to me, just because being 15 and having a boy you like kiss you is every girl's wish.

Where's the mistletoe, I need another sweet memory to get me through the next 15 years!

Queen Cat

All I Want For Christmas...

Since Thanksgiving, the thought of doing something for someone during this season that is less fortunate than me has weighed on my mind.

It's an inner struggle. Because, I don't want to take away from the people I love (selfish, I know) and then I feel like whatever I can do wouldn't be enough anyways... it's an emotional battle.

I am keeping my eyes, ears and heart open this season. I would love to be able to do something even if it's a small gesture for someone who would never expect it.

I have been the receiver of so much, it's time to be the giver.

Queen Catherella

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finding Buble

Sitting at work in 2004, I discovered Windows Media Radio. I know, I am totally behind on the technological times, but slowly I am discovering what this wonderful electronic world has to offer me.

I have thousands of songs on my computer. I brought in all my cds, so that I could have music to listen to at work and after only a few short weeks, I got bored with my music. So I thought I'd venture out into cyperspace and see what kind of stations they had.

Now I love, love, love Jazz and Pop Standards. Nostalgic music from the mid 20th century. So I found me a great little station that played some great Rosemary and Frank, Dean and Perry...

...and Michael.

Now, there was an a.m. channel here in the OC that played a lot of Michael Buble, and I already knew his name and heard him sing for a few years prior, but it wasn't until I discovered that online, you can see pictures of the cd covers as you listen to the music, that I finally saw Michael for the first time.


First off, I couldn't believe how young he was. Secondly, of course, I found out just how drop dead gorgeous he is. Thus started my long lived crush on my Michael.

I found Michael before most people even knew how to pronounce his name.

And then, the world discovered him.

Ahhhh Michael, you charmer.

Buble Baby, you are perfect ....

Queen Catherella