Monday, December 31, 2007

My Favorite Things - 2008 Edition

So, it's been 12 very short months and here I am again to write down my current favorit things.... you can go back to the one I did in January 2007 to see the similarities and differences that a year makes.... here goes:

My Favorite Book: A Bride Most Begrudging (Deeanne Gist) (same as 2007)

My Favorite DVD: I don't have one this year

My Favorite CD: Call Me Irresponsible (Michael Buble)

My Favorite "Toy": My iPod (same as 2007)

My Favorite Color: Turquoise (same as 2007)

My Favorite Skirt: Dark Jean Skirt

My Favorite Shoes: Pewter Colored Sandals

My Favorite Lunch: BLT sandwich and fries from Fantastic Cafe

My Favorite Website to browse: Blogger / Myworld / AOL

My Favorite Song: Steve Holy - "Put Your Best Dress On" and John Mayer - "Your Body is a Wonderland"

My Favorite Church Song: "To Deserve"

My Favorite Kid at Church: Madison, Madison, M A D I S O N!

My Favorite Kidz Class: No Favorites (o:

My Favorite Student: Dillon Morgan

My Favorite Teacher: Deborah (same as 2007)

My Favorite Comfort Quirk: Scratching my ears with a bobbypin (seriously it's so relaxing)(same as 2007)

My Favorite P.J.'s: Winnie-The-Pooh pants set (awww and they are now ripping... bummer)(same as 2007)

My Favorite Blanket: Leopard Fuzzy Blanket

My Favorite Cable Channel: Bravo

My Favorite Cable Show (non-food): Project Runway / What Not To Wear / Househunters

My Favorite Food Network Show: Iron Chef (same as 2007)

My Favorite TV Sitcom: Grey's Anatomy / Friday Night Lights / Prison Break / October Road / Men in Trees (yeah... i know, too much tv!)

My Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant / Derek Fisher

My Favorite Current Singer: Michael Buble (same as 2007)

My Favorite American Idol Contestant: Elliott Yamin (same as 2007)

My Favorite Candy Bar: Snickers

My Favorite Restaurant: TGIF's / Claim Jumper

My Favorite Food: Lobster Bisque (same as 2007)

My Favorite Drink: Tied between Iced Tea / Diet Coke (same as 2007)

My Favorite Starbucks Drink: Hot Chocolate / Caramel Frappuchino

My Favorite Eye Candy: Michael Buble and Wentworth Miller (same as 2007)

My Favorite Clothing: My Camis and Belted Jackets

My Favorite Screen Legend (Male): James Stewart (same as 2007)

My Favorite Screen Legend (Female): Doris Day (same as 2007)

My Favorite Current Actor: Wentworth Miller

My Favorite Current Actress: Reese Witherspoon

My Favorite Time of Day: Late Afternoon (same as 2007)

My Favorite Show to Watch at Bedtime: Friends/Gilmore Girls

My Favorite Daydream: Moving to a New House (same as 2007)

My Favorite Romantic Daydream: Meeting Michael Buble or Wentworth Miller (and having a good man fall head over heels for me, just as I am)

My Favorite Online Service: Paying my bills

My Favorite Fun Website: and /

My Favorite Blog: My sister's, The Daily Bee, and my own.

Here's new ones for 2008:

My Favorite Accessory: Belts, Headbands & Sunglasses

My Favorite Blast from the Past: Joel L. Fierro

My Favorite Friend: Brenda Nicklas

My Favorite Indulgence: European Pedicures and Gel Nails

My Favorite Scent: Pineapple Cilantro

My Favorite Body Scent: Victoria Secret's "Forbidden Fantasy"

My Favorite Scripture: II Corinthians 4:7-9

My Favorite Store: Macy's / Target

Once again, there you have it! Some things are the same, other have really changed drastically....

So we shall see in 12 months what changes are made...

The Queen

Finishing Strong

So, the phrase "Finishing Strong" is used for competitors who may not have won the Gold, but put in a decent effort. So that is how I am viewing the end of my 2007. I may not have come in first, or second, or tenth, but I can say that I finished strong in the 2007 race called life. I've had some falls (with bruises and scraps and cuts to prove it) and I've had some great leaps forward.

All in all, I loved 2007.

The good and the bad.

Humanity at its best.

And yes, as a matter of fact, I do have some New Year's Resolutions. For the first time in a long time. I've put some solid goals ahead of me.

I knew, going into 2007, that this would be an extraordinary year.

Boy, did I not even scratch the surface.... and now, I truly believe that it ended up to be the stepping stone for the new year to come.

2008 will be the greatest year of my life. 2008 will be in God's perfect will, therefore, being great, beyond logic or description.

So long 2007, it was fun while it lasted... thanks for the great times, the hard times and all the in between times .

But you are now the past, and I am a forward thinking kind of woman...


Watch out 2008, HERE I COME!

The Queen.

II Timothy 4:7 "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Secret Santa Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 15th, our little group of misfits got together and had a secret santa party. It was so much fun! I love everyone who was there so much ... (well mostly everyone! ha ha ha!) These are my friends, who I can be comfortable with, relax with and just have a good time.

We had a ton of food (which I love to do the displays and trays... it turned out pretty festive looking!)

We revealed our secret santa picks! (I had Sonya and I got her a year's supply of list pads and sticky notes... ha ha ha... she's a very organized person!)

We hung out and laughed and played games and just generally enjoyed each other's company...

And of course no party is complete without Maddy there!! (o:

And then of course everyone had to test out the mistletoe! Ha ha ha! We even got my parents to smooch under there! My brothers could have probably parked themselves there all night with their sweethearts! But it was Jeremiah and Jessica who showed us how it's really done!
Is it getting HOT in here?!?!?!
We ended the night by driving to go look at christmas lights. One house had a table set up with paper and pens to write letters to santa, so I made sure and put my request in before it was too late. Hopefully I've been good enough to get what I want this year! All in all, what a fun night, and what a great group of friends I have!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Wish Lists

Every year, the whole family submits their Christmas wish list for gift consideration. We usually start talking about it in September, but don't actually jot them down until after Thanksgiving. It's fun to see what everyone puts on their lists, because of course, we throw in that kooky wish or two that we know will make the rest of the family giggle.

My brother David has to be scolded, yelled at and pressured every year to get his list done. There is always an excuse why he doesn't have time to do his list (this year I'm sure being his brand spankin' new girlfriend!). Finally, yesterday he finished his list. The hilarious thing was, as we read the items off his list, it sounded more and more like a prayer request list than a Christmas shopping list! A few of his wishes were for me to get married (which would definitely require a miracle), for my other brother to lose weight (another miracle needed! lol!) and for a big stack of greenbacks to finally hit his wallet (a miracle already in the making).

So, while everyone is mailing their lists to Santa this year, I propose we take David's list and mail it to the Miracle Worker. You know, the One who this season is really all about....

A Skinny Peter? Now that would make this holiday worth celebrating! LOL!

Well David, for your sake, I hope you get all your wishes from your list, especially the ones I'd benefit from!



On Line Shopping

Shopping this year has taken an electronic turn.

I have made so many purchases online for my family and I love it. I can browse to get exactly what I want and I don't have worry about getting to a store and the item I'm looking for to be out of stock. I hate running around town to find the one much needed gift.

And, Hello... open 24 hours a day! I love that. No need to wait for the store to open or to miss closing by 30 minutes.

Needless to say, my family is going to have a good Christmas, thanks to this wonder called On Line Shopping!

Filling up the shopping cart as we speak.....

Happy Holidays,
Queen C