Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pedroline... The 28th year

Pedroline (pronounced pA-drO-leen) is a name that just rolls off the tongue. Half masculine, half feminine, it completely describes the fashionista that is my brother! Okay, so he loves fashion, but let me set the record straight, Peter is not feminine in any way, shape or form!! (oh my, I better stop while I'm ahead, the jokes just keep coming... I'll leave the 'shape' part of that statement alone! HA HA HA)

I have no idea who or why we came up with that nickname for Peter, but nevertheless, he is stuck with it. Of course it is just one of many nicknames for our complex brother.

28 years ago today, Peter made his grand entrance into the world. 45 minute labor and boom there he was... perfectly pink and healthy. He really is a miracle baby (in fact all my siblings are miracles) and it wasn't until later in life that we've realized that the perfectly pink was hiding the truth... Peter is a bit off, a bit slow, a bit flawed, a bit, shall we say... SPECIAL. But we love him just the same, just as if he were normal like us!! Of course none of that is entirely true, but we've always had a too much fun giving him a hard time. LOL.

Today I salute my brother Peter on his birthday. It's hard to believe that he is 28. That's a serious age. 30 is looming ahead and responsibilities and taking life seriously are the daily pressures that come as you start to leave your 20's behind. So Peter, as you celebrate the day of your birth, ask yourself this... What Would SpongeBob Do?????

In usual blogger style... here is a list of Pedo Stuff. (does anyone else notice how these lists get longer and longer each year?? funny that.) ;-)

28 moments of Peter's 28 years:

1. Goose Egg Forehead with 2 black eyes
2. Pneumonia on Christmas Day
3. Beside bell ringing
4. Jerry Macguire and a girl
5. Beating up 5 guys on the corner
6. BMX Madness
7. Standing in the corner
8. Cammo in the backyard
9. Shooting the wife in Big Bear
10. Laugh attacks in the middle of the story
11. Singing the testimony
12. Sam Ash Limelight Nights
13. Label swapping
14. Dribble Shirts
15. Goodwill Hunting (or Thrifting)
16. Carebear hugs
17. The mouse and the giant strawberry
18. Headlock sleep wrestling
19. Boonsters!
20. Spongebob bedtimes
21. D2E
22. Drive by healings
23. Cruising to Mr. & Mrs.
24. Backscratch Begging
25. Poker face
26. Madlib crying
27. Bee running (ending in TIMBER!!!)
28. What about JIM??

In case none of you know this.. #28 is actually a serious one. Peter spent his time and money looking out for a homeless man named Jim. He bought him meals and even went and would buy him new pairs of pants. This is the epitome of my brother. His compassion showed up early in life and he's maintained that sensitivity to others needs up to this point. Peter, you make me proud to be your sister!

I hope this year is abundant in blessings and that you receive your deepest heart's desires!! Happy 28th Birthday!!

The Big Queen Sister! :-)


Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post (once I can get over you posting the link for the world to see) But I really do love the list. SO PETER. Aw!

Happy Birthday to Spongepeter!!!


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