Friday, May 23, 2008

Book Tagged!

Well it's been a while since I've blogged. I don't know... I just haven't been in the mood. Ha ha ha. But nothing could bring me out of hiding more than the invitation to talk about BOOKS!!

So Deb tagged me from
The Daily Bee to share a book that I loved but may have forgotten over the years. This is hopefully the start of "Friday Recommendations" every week. I look forward to reading everyone's recommendations... I never get tired of finding new "leather bound" gems!

So anyways, my sister's recommendation was "Streiker's Bride" by Robin Hardy, which is an obscure book to say the least, but one of the most interesting, exciting and impacting books (sagas) I've ever read.

Bummer. How can I top that? Hmmmmm...

Yeah, I can't. But, I can tell you about two great books that were written in the 90's. There's an interesting back story to these books as well.

The first book is called "The Women of Catawba" by Hilda Stahl. The second book is called "The Winds of Catawba" by Laurie Stahl. Yes these book are book 1 and book 2 of the same story, with the first book written by the mother and the second by the daughter. However, the transition is practically seamless. I will give the book description for book one as the second will spoil some of the details for you.

The Women of Catabwa
by Hilda Stahl

Book Description:
An exciting tale of five courageous women and their fight to build a plantation home in the raw wilderness of South Carolina. Set in post-Revolutionary War days, Women of Catawba is an inspiring story of men and women whose faith, strength, and capacity to love are tested to the limit. (a side note from me: this book really showcases the inner and outer strength that women muster in times of need, hardship and necessity.)

(This is the only description I found... and it doesn't quite do the book justice. If you liked "A Bride Most Begrudging" by Deeanne Gist, you will really like this book!)

Buy the book here - Women of Catawba

The story is not complete without the second book -
The Winds of Catawba
by Laurie Stahl

buy the book here - The Winds of of Catawba

These are two great books that are musts in any avid Christian Romance reader's library!

I am tagging Eileen at Say What?!
When we were teenagers, we would book
swap all the time. We even discovered steamy
romance novels together and used to hide them from
our moms! ha ha ha....

The Reading Queen C.