Friday, January 23, 2009

100th Post, & Patience....

I tried to keep track of when my 100th post would come up and then life just carried me away and I forgot all about it! So even though this is 105, I want to just stop and commemorate reaching 100.

When I first started blogging, I had a very different viewpoint of how I would go about writing about my life. I have had a lot of fun sharing facts, fiction, opinions & feelings with whomever was willing to read it.

I generally love to give my viewpoint anyways, so a blog is right up my alley. But then I didn't keep up with like I should... that's my procrastination side of me. LOL. Regardless, here I am with, finally, 100+ posts in the bag.

I'll try to make sure there are plenty more where these came from!

So today for my post I wanted to talk about impatience.

I'm a very internalizing type of person. Not many people get a chance to really know how I'm feeling deep down inside. I seem to manage my emotions best when I keep them to myself. Some people have to talk things out. That is not me. I need to let them stew and sit inside as I look them over and try to figure them all out. Every once in a while they will boil over and spew all over the unlucky victim at the time, but for the most part, I'm a pretty even keeled person.

So back to impatience. I've noticed even more lately how impatient I've become. I can't tell you the conversations I've had with people who try my patience. Of course, they would never know because those conversations are all in my head! I am impatient for an event to happen, I'm impatient for time to pass, for the results to come in, for someone to spit out a sentence. For someone to figure out what they want to do. For the phone to ring. For food to finish cooking. For stoplights to turn green. I tell you. It's bad. It's something I know I need to work on, but I get too impatient to let the process take place. Yes, it's a vicious circle.

Internally, I groan and complain and let whatever is going on around me pass me by. I want to stop and smell the roses. To take time to enjoy or live in the moment. My pastor spoke about being in the desert place (like when the Israelites were wandering in the wilderness). That we shouldn't scorn that place in our lives. It's a place of preparation for things to come. A place of growing and learning. I used to think that being in a desert place in life (when nothing is happening or things aren't coming to fruition like they should) was a bad thing. That I did something wrong... but now, I realize that the only way to get to where I want to go, is through the desert. But, impatient me wants to run, not walk, even fly through that stage of life and get to the next place quickly. I'm starting to realize that this would only handicap me once I got there, and I would not be able to handle all that is in store for me. Lord help me achieve the virtue of patience.

I've been in the desert. I do want to get to the promised land. But I guess I should stop, relax and look at the scenery. There's nothing like a desert sunset. And the stars shine so much brighter in the desert! I know the dreams I have are just beyond the horizon, if I'm patient enough to survive the desert long enough to get there....

The Q.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Amazing Day To Be Alive...

I am reminded again today, what an amazing time in history I live in.

As I've watched all morning the Inauguration events of the 44th president of the United States of America and witnessed the historical moments taking place, I feel alive.

I feel alive because of the concern I have for our country and our world. For the feeling of expectancy that has come over me for the future. For the dismay I feel as I listen to the wording of speeches and interviews, knowing none is said by accident or coincidence. For the joy that I have for a future brighter than ever before. For the peace I feel knowing that nevertheless, God is in control. For the patriotism I feel for the country I love despite our flaws.

I am alive because I can feel. No matter the range of emotions, it's exhilarating to live in such exciting times.

Agree or disagree with our new president, it's time to back the office, which is different then backing an individual. With respect to the different views of other bloggers who may read this, I have reasons to feel trepidation toward the man now holding the highest office in the world. But, I believe that this nation still finds favor with God and so I back the office and administration that leads our nation. I urge everyone to do the same.

All is well.
No reason for fear or doubt.
The world is in His hands.
I am in His hands.
...And He has allowed me to live.

What an Amazing Day to be Alive!

(Celine Dion)

I get wings to fly
Oh I'm alive...

When you call on me
When I hear you breathe
I get wings to fly
I feel that I’m alive

When you look at me
I can touch the sky
I know that I’m alive

When you bless the day
I just drift away
All my worries die
I’m glad that I’m alive

You’ve set my heart on fire
Filled me with love
Made me a woman
On clouds above

I couldn’t get much higher
My spirit takes flight
Cause I am alive

When you call on me
When I hear you breathe
I feel that I’m alive
I am alive

When you reach for me
Raising spirits high
God knows that

That I’ll be the one
Standing by
Through good and
Through trying times

And it’s only begun
I can’t wait for the
Rest of my life

I know that I’m alive

I get wings to fly
God knows that I’m alive

God Bless America!

~The Queen~

Monday, January 05, 2009

My Favorite Way to Start the Year... Blogger Style!

So, it's been 12 very short months and here I am again to write down my current favorite things.... you can go back to the one I did in December 2007 (for 2008) to see the similarities and differences that a year makes.... here goes:

My Favorite Book: I don't have just one favorite this year!
My Favorite DVD: P.S. I Love You and Dan in Real Life
My Favorite CD: Gavin DeGraw
My Favorite "Toy": My new laptop (yay me!)
My Favorite Color: Green
My Favorite Skirt: Black short skirt with ruffled bottom
My Favorite Shoes: Black Marc Fisher Heels
My Favorite Lunch: a Lean Cuisine
My Favorite Website to browse: Facebook!
My Favorite Song: Gavin DeGraw - "I Have You To Thank"
My Favorite Church Song: "Beautiful" / "God With Us"
My Favorite Comfort Quirk: Scratching my ears with a bobbypin (seriously it's so relaxing)(same as 2007/2008)
My Favorite P.J.'s: My .04 Seconds Derek Fisher T-Shirt
My Favorite Blanket: Leopard Fuzzy Blanket
My Favorite Cable Channel: Food Network/HGTV/Style Network
My Favorite Cable Show (non-food network): Jon & Kate Plus 8 / Top Chef / Who's Wedding is it Anyways / What Not To Wear
My Favorite Food Network Show: Iron Chef (same as 2007/2008)
My Favorite TV Sitcom: The Office!
My Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant / Derek Fisher
My Favorite Current Singer: Michael Buble (same as 2007/2008)
My Favorite American Idol Contestant: Elliott Yamin & David Cook
My Favorite Candy Bar: Big Chunk
My Favorite Restaurant: Steakhouse 55 / Lucca's
My Favorite Food: Lobster Bisque / Caesar Salad
My Favorite Drink: Tied between Iced Tea / Diet Coke (same as 2007/2008) & Cherry Coke!
My Favorite Starbucks Drink: Grande Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
My Favorite Eye Candy: Michael Buble & Wenworth Miller
My Favorite Clothing: My camis, jean jackets, belted tops
My Favorite Screen Legend (Male): James Stewart (same as 2007/2008)
My Favorite Screen Legend (Female): Doris Day (same as 2007/2008)
My Favorite Current Actor: Steve Carrell
My Favorite Current Actress: Reese Witherspoon
My Favorite Time of Day: Early Evening
My Favorite Show to Watch at Bedtime: Friends
My Favorite Daydream: Moving, Working for RTD Productions full time, One or two other dreams... lol
My Favorite Romantic Daydream: Hmmm... having Michael Buble and Wentworth Miller fight for my affections! LOL
My Favorite Online Service: Paying my bills and reconnecting with old friends!
My Favorite Fun Website: FACEBOOK, Blogger, Myspace,
My Favorite Blog: The Daily Bee, and my own!
My Favorite Accessory: HATS!, Belts, Headbands & Sunglasses
My Favorite Blast from the Past: Where to start?! Kamye, Rebekah, Paul, Yvonne, Rita, John, Phillip, Michael, Jennifer, etc....
My Favorite Friend: Brenda Nicklas (same as 2008)
My Favorite Indulgence: European Pedicures and Spa Facials
My Favorite Scent: Pineapple Cilantro (same as 2008)
My Favorite Body Scent: Victoria Secret's "Pure Seduction"
My Favorite Scripture: II Corinthians 4:7-9 (same as 2008)
My Favorite Store: Macy's / Nordstrom

New for 2009
My Favorite Activity: Being with my family and friends.. doesn't matter what we do!
My Favorite Place to Spend a Saturday Afternoon: Either on a picnic or at the mall
My Favorite OC Place: Orange Circle
My Favorite Facebook Friend: Has to be John Aoki! He is so entertaining! ha ha ha
My Favorite Long Distance Friend: Hmm, I'd say Yvonne Aune. Although San Diego isn't too far!

Once again, there you have it! Some things are the same, others have really changed drastically....

So we shall see in 12 months what changes are made...

The Queen