Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Communication Crisis

I've had communication on the brain these past few days. It amazes me how many avenues of connecting with someone that are available to us today.

The spoken word has taken on a whole new meaning in our advanced age of technology. Since the invention of the telephone, where for the first time people did not have to be face to face or in close proximity to hear each other's voice, communication has reached a level that exceeds what was ever thought possible. And every day we find more and more ways to further our connection with each other. We can use a telephone, computer, television, intercom system, voicemail, even electronic birthday cards to carry on a conversation or speak to a person who is not physically in our presence.

The written word has moved beyond the ink and paper. There was a time when a letter or book was viewed and respected as a treasure, handled carefully and proudly shared with anyone who would listen. We can now send 'letters' all over the world with the push of a button. We text, email, instant message and blog with ease.

Humanity has not been such a close knit group since the days following the great flood!

Still, my wonderings have taken me to the thought, If communication is so accessible then why do we still fail so miserably? It seems these days that there is an undeniable lack of communication amongst families, coworkers, friends, governments, communities and really, society in general. Has the English language become too difficult and complicated for us to put together a cohesive sentence? Have we lost the art of speech and conversation? Have we dumbed ourselves down with the 'shortcuts' of communication because we are in too much of a hurry? Has OMG and TTYL turned our brains to mush?

I don't think that is the issue.

We are strong intricate creations with enough brain power and emotion and heart and soul to easily "reach out and touch someone" in any way we so choose. So what is the real problem? Why do we miss the mark so badly and so often? In my humble opinion, the true reason is, we've stopped saying what we mean and meaning what we say. We have the tools to successfully execute and we have the words to speak, what we don't have is the sense of value in what we say. We've lowered ourselves to pretty speech and empty words of promise or compliments that hold no worth. We smile on the outside while we are crying on the inside. We laugh when what we really want to do is cringe. We grin and bear it. We conjure up big words to sound like we've got it all together, when in reality, we have no clue what we are doing.

It may work for a while, however, in time we realize just how far away from honestly knowing someone or being known for our true selves we really are.

I want to be a person that you would always know where you stand. That when I say I love you, you know I mean it. When I say I'm sorry, you would know it's from the heart. Good communication breeds a level of trust that most people only dream about... I plan on keeping that dream my every day reality!!

~ The Queen~

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