Wednesday, May 06, 2009

News Worthy!!

So I know it's been a while since I've blogged. I've been up to my eyeballs in wedding plans the past few months. I've also been busy blogging on our wedding website. I guess for while it will take the place of this blog, until I finally descend off of Cloud 9... ;-)

I just wanted to share some fun pictures with everyone. My work corkboard is like a breaking news bulletin with all kinds of Paul & I 'stuff'! I still wonder at the hand of God and how much creative power He has. Never in my wildest imagination (and believe me, I've got a very healthy imagination!!) did I ever conjure up a scenario as spectacular as these past few months. All I did was tell God that I would enjoy every step of the desert place and allow Him to prepare me for what He had in store for me. Once I took my hands off of my life, God stepped in and gave me my heart's desire... and then some!!

So now, I am happily engaged to a man beyond my dreams and ready to start a new life. Which means... I am moving away from California. Something I never, ever thought I'd do. And, I'm leaving it for... Mississippi! WHAT?? Now that is just strange. No mountains! No OCEAN! No Palm Trees! No DISNEYLAND!!! No Del Taco and IN-N-OUT! Oy Vey!! (and that's just scratching the surface.) But if I stayed in California.... that means, No Paul. And that's not even an option. So, I will be living (at least for the time being) in Mississippi, where my heart is.

(as you can see, he's been VERY good to me!!)

Here is a glimpse of the beach where we will be getting married... that's the Gulf of Mexico in the background. The sand is a beautiful pure white with enough seashells to keep any scavenger content all day long! We were there that day to check out the house we would be staying at and to take our engagement pictures.
So, tonight (in less than 12 hours) I head back to Mississippi for quick trip to interview for a company that actually paid for my plane ticket! Of course I really really want to make sure and land a job before I come home, but also, the best thing is seeing Paul again for a couple of days... which is the highlight of my trip!!
So stay tuned for more News Worthy stories in a couple of days!!
The Queen 'B'


Jenster said...

Totally newsworthy!!! And hauntingly familiar. As you might remember, I'm from Redondo Beach. Thought I'd always be a beach girl. Instead, I got married and moved to Arkansas (not too far from Mississippi!). It was an adjustment - that's for sure. But nearly 21 years later I wouldn't change a thing! And now I'm on the East Coast so who knows where God will land you! :o)

Congratulations and many blessings to you both!!

Becky said...

SOoooSOooOSOoSOoooo very excited for you both! Your engagement photos were FAB. That ring is gorgeous. The part Deb put on her blog about the proposal? SOooo romantic. God has truly blessed you!

That beach is gorgeous, and will make a lovely backdrop for your special day.

My story was similar, too...Washington girl (grew up with TREES) meets California boy at college in the Midwest (we were the only students from the West Coast, so we called ourselves teh West Coast connection, lol). We braved cold winters the first couple years of our marriage, tried Washington for a year (Jeff couldn't take the rain) then moved to the DESERT of SoCal where there are no trees. I complain like the Israelites from time to time, but I know that the Lord wants us here, and for that reason, we wouldn't change a thing.

Queen Catherella said...

That's right!! So you can totally relate! I know it will be an adjustment (especially to the hard summer months!), but I am up for the challenge!

You to can relate to my story!! And yes, I still pinch myself to see if that proposal was a dream or if it really happened... I don't know what in the world I ever did to deserve such an amazing man!! But now that I've got him... I ain't never letting go!!! :-)

Jason and Mari Rowell said...

I guess it's been a few months since I last looked on your blog. WOW!!!! Love comes fast!! Congrats and wishing you the best!! When Jason and I met, it was love at first sight for him and I thought he was cute too :-)We were engaged 6 months later...the wedding took a while but here we are, 16 yrs later. Wish you and your new love many years to come.