Saturday, June 21, 2008

365 Days of Missing You

Today is 1 year.

Grandma ran Streets of Gold

Stubborn. She waited until the wee hours of the morning (her normal cleaning, relaxing, reading, embroidering, washing time) 2 am. She whispered goodbye.

No pain, no stress. no worries.

I miss her. I can't believe she's not a phone call away. Every time I hear juicy gossip, I think, Oh my word, wait until Grandma hears about this... Ha ha ha... I loved seeing her reactions. Well, now I play it in my head. Remembering how she would suck in her breath, raise her eyebrows and widen her eyes. Classic. I loved it. I cherished it. I wish I could see it one more time.

Interesting how time moves on. Today, ironically, one of her grandsons (Bruce Geoffrey Hanlon) is having a baby shower. For his unborn son, soon to enter the world. So her family will be together again today, celebrating life.

Thanks in part to her, we have a wonderful life to celebrate.

Missing you Grandma Chevy. I love you. Can't wait to see you again!

Genevieve Chavarria
January 3, 1927 - June 21, 2007

Much love,
Your Granddaughter...
Catherine Elizabeth

The Queen

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2007-2008 Purple & Gold Retrospect

Ah, The Wonderful Lakers.

They didn't quite have it last night, thus ending their surprisingly long season. The Celtics were desperate. They clawed and fought and won. It was apparently their year. Our glory days are still ahead. No let downs, no disappointments. The Lakers were amazing. Best in the West. Who's to say they aren't the best overall. It takes a complete season to judge a team's worth. The Lakers got it done. At the front line with only 7 games separating 1st seed from 8th seed. Celtics got it done with a mediocre East to contend with. From top to bottom, 1st throught 8th, a 29 game difference.... You do the math.

Paul Pierce received the finals MVP award meaning Most Vindictive Phony. ---- I never disliked him, until his oscar worthy act in the first game, where he willed his team to a win with his fake injury.

KOBE, the real MVP.
What an amazing player.
What an amazing work ethic.

Pau Gasol. Someone needs to meet him in a dark alley and beat some testosterone into him. Other than that, what a steal. what a trade. what finesse and grace on the floor. He'll be a lifer.

Lamar, Lamar, Lamar..... Flashes of Greatness. Finally, he's playing the right position to showcase his talents. His happy relaxed face in game 4 will forever haunt me, as his team let that 24 point lead slip away.

Derek, the backbone. the wisdom. the sure confidence. Welcome back. We needed you. Plus, dang, running with the young bucks and keeping up or overtaking them. kudos.

Radmanovich. You are sneaky. Your great plays seem to blend in, unnoticed. Well, I noticed. There's something there. Work it out.

Sasha "The Machine". you earned the name. wow. defense. offense. Plus, dang boy, you clean up nice. whew!

Farmar --- take the ball with a second to go any day of the week. clutch shots are your specialty. You can be a starter for any team of your choosing. Of course, you love the Laker bench too much to leave, I know. Yay us!

Ronny. you're an animal. we love it.

Luke. well, i don't know what to say. i'm sadly disappointed in you. looking for you to change my mind. sooner than later.

Mbenga Brain. Strength.
Mihm. Nice to see you for a few minutes. Anticipating more.
Ariza. WOW. wish we had more time to watch you work. injuries suck.

Who am i forgetting... who am i forgetting????

Ira Newble. don't know much. hope to see more.

Coby Karl. Absolutely lovable. Welcome to LakerTown Rookie! Coby Coby Coby Coby....


Andrew. Bynum. big guy. young. tough. get well soon. you are the missing piece of the puzzle. can't wait to see what the team will be like next year. in a word. UNSTOPPABLE.

So, that's it. I pay homage to a great team, a special team.


Thanks for a great, exciting, entertaining season.

See ya in the fall!

Queen Cat

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ahhh Bedi Bedi Bedi Bedi... Father!

(Dad at a Laker Game!)

Happy Father's Day Dad!

I know this is a day late... but better late than never!
You are my HERO

I love you and hope your day was GREAT!

And Happy Father's Day Gramps! I wish you didn't have to be back in that dumb ol' hospital bed, but it was still nice to spend time with you! Thank you for being you ! I love you!

(Dad and Gramps picking up pennies off the ground...
find a penny, pick it up, all day long, you'll have good luck!)

And of course, I have to say, that above all, I honor and praise my Heavenly Father, for without you, life is impossible... I am nothing without you and I know that all good things come from you. Thank you Jesus for leading and guiding me, for protecting me, for healing me, for raising me, for blessing me, and for loving me.
You have never failed me or forsaken me.
I am humbled to be a child of the King!
I love you Jesus!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Native American Name

Your Native American Name Is...

Makkitotosimew Malila

Your name means: Large Breasted Fast Salmon Swimming Up a Rippling Stream

This is Hilarious! I didn't know that Salmon had breasts! ha ha ha.

btw. my middle name alone (Elizabeth) meant Evil Frog!

Oh me Oh my!

Happy Thursday!

Queen Makkitotosimew Malila

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today, June 11th is an anniversary of several occasions.
So starting with the most recent milestone would be my brother's highschool graduation. Peter graduated on June 11, 1999. Nine looooooong years ago. ha ha ha. When I reminded him this morning, he said it actually felt more lik 4 years. Well, much has happened to him since his cap and gown days. He is now a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International organization and married to Sonia Orozco (Bingley). Not bad for someone who still acts like an 18 year old sometimes.... ha ha ha!

Case in Point -

Our second milestone today is my highschool graduation. I graduated on June 11, 1993. Fifteen years ago. Contrary to my brother, my time feels much longer than 15 years. I feel like it was a lifetime ago. Not just because of the time that has passed, but because of how I've evolved so much in that time. I am definitely not the same person I was when I was 17. I was shy and backwards and very inhibited. People who know me now think I am lying or exaggerating. Well, I've got witnesses... ha ha ha! I am proud of the accomplishments I've made thus far, but plan on bigger and better things for the future. Hey, I'm still young! Don't let the gray hair fool ya!

Alright. Now on to the last and biggest milestone of the day.

Today is my paternal grandparents 59th wedding anniversary! My Gramps and Grams Bingley were married on June 11, 1949. After a seriously short whirlwind of a romance. I believe they dated 6 weeks and then tied the knot! Love at first sight anyone?

And here we are 59 years later.

I know these years haven't been without their ups and downs, life has a way of throwing many curveballs your way. What doesn't kill you.... But all in all, they managed to make it through. Their 59 year union has produced 4 wonderful children (2 boys (the oldest is my dad) and 2 girls), 12 grandchildren, and recently their first great-grandchild. (Baby Hannah!) The family they have built is an amazing, talented, accomplished, caring group of people whom I'm so proud to be a part of.

So Grams and Gramps, Happy Anniversary! And thank you for giving me the best family and the best father. I love my Bingley heritage and wouldn't trade it for anything! Thank you for teaching me and loving me and giving me life lessons as I've grown up... I love you both and wish you the best day ever. (Gramps, so sorry that you had to spend this day in a dumb hospital bed! On second thought, did you get admitted just to have some relaxation and rest from all of us? ha ha ha! Very clever! woooow...)

Me with my Gramps and Grams

(both pictures were taken at my Grams's 76 birthday party in January.)

I hope that I can look back at a gigantic milestone and see the amazing things I've done.... (I think a 59 year marriage is about out of the question for me... considering if I married tomorrow I'd be 91 years old!) Whatever they may be, I want to follow your example of stick-to-itness!

Much Love to you both, congrats to my little brother Peter and Yay Me!!!

Queen Catherella

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Say Happy.... You Say Birthday!!

Deb Deb Oh Sweet Corn Deb....

Twenty-Five Years of Deb! Wow.

I wish I could say that I remember when you were born... but I don't, which is odd, because I was 8 years old, and I remember when Peter was born and I was only 6. In fact, I remember things back to when I was 3 and maybe even younger.

So I don't know if you being the new SISTER made me block out the memory of your birth or if I had more important things on my little 8 year old mind, but for whatever the reason, it's the single most important memory that I do not have, and I really wish I did.

Luckily, I remember everything right up to you being born and after you came home. You were kind of crazy. Seriously. You were so stubborn even as a newborn. It was always your way or the highway. You prompted our pastor and his wife at the time to come to our house to teach our parents the Dr. Dobson series on tough love and they lingered on the lesson of the strong-willed child for your sake.

I think mom and dad knew at that moment that they were in for quite a ride. They would say with pride, she's our strong-willed one. Ha ha ha. I was the "second mom", Peter was the bleeding heart, david was the baby (was is not the right word... he's still the baby! at 23!), but you, you were the strong-willed one with steel in your eyes, iron in your feet and a set jaw.
Now I can honestly say that 25 years later, some things never change. You still get that crazy look in your face when you are getting into mischief and when it comes to the things that matter to you, you are as strong-willed as ever.

I know sometimes (a lot of times) we clash and fight and argue and turn into grumps because we are truly night and day when it comes to our whole human makeup.... but honestly... you are truly the best you that you can possibly be, and I wouldn't trade you or try to change you for anything or anyone! I am very proud of the woman you've become... I am very blessed to have an extraordinarily talented, accomplished and beautiful sister who is also my confidante and best friend.

So happy Quarter of a Century dear Deborah..... may the next 25 years be as much a blast as the first....

An Ode to Deb
There once was a girl named Deb
No follower, she's always led
She loves France and high heels
Colin Firth makes her squeal
She loves reading while snuggled in bed!

Lots of love,